The Frances Brandon-Pickett Parent Teacher Organization (FBPE PTO) is an organization whose purpose is to strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational and social environment at Pickett Elementary. Our goals are to complement the school curriculum with additional opportunities for parents, teachers, staff and students to learn socialize, communicate and grow.

The members of the FBPE PTO are all those families and staff members who are associated with Pickett Elementary. All families and staff members are encouraged to participate in PTO activities throughout the year, even if unable to attend the monthly meetings. The PTO Board represents the membership. This Board is composed of PTO members who are elected to Board positions. The Board meets on a monthly basis throughout the school year and Board members, along with other appointed PTO members, manage the organizational and financial aspects of all the PTO functions.

The success of the Pickett PTO can be measured in the cooperative spirit with which parents and staff work together to share their care and concern for Pickett students. The PTO’s success can be seen in the student’s appreciation for their school, their teachers and the opportunities presented.

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